New York City | by: [David Drese]


A flower for Na’omi by Alissandra Seelaus
A flower for Juliana by Nargol Arefi
A flower for Ruth by Deanna Staffo
A flower for Christiana by Nancy Liang
A flower for Lugwa by Vikki Chu
A flower for Naomi by Kelly Lasserre
A flower for Mary by Kirsty Hambrick
A flower for Awa by Joyce Hesselberth
A flower for Saratu by Mathilde Aubier
A flower for Confort by Seo Kim

Tribute illustrations commissioned for each of the 180 kidnapped Nigerian girls whose names are currently available to the public. Nearly 300 young women are still missing. A summary of what has happened can be found here.

Blooms of Nigeria is not a charity but if you would like to help, we highly recommend donating to organizations such as Girl Rising, which provides services to help provide education to girls all over the world

Blooms of Nigeria is a collaborative art project organized and curated by illustrators Rebecca Bradley and Janna Morton. All work is copyrighted to their respective owners.

Simon Harsent - White Water, 2013


HiroshigeNew Year’s Eve Foxfires at the Changing Tree, Ōji (1857)